The Black Appendix

This is a foundation for a "generic" boycott letter, copy the text and add text as needed.
While I have my favorite charities and organizations, it is not my right to demand that others, like you, support my causes.  That is why I ask that politically neutral charities be sought.
Also I do not promise a full boycott as some business are almost impossible to fully boycott, BUT we can still have an impact by reducing revenues.

             If you are one of the many “Indians” at your company, feel free to read this letter, and then please pass this on to a higher up.  If you are one of the decision makers or “Chiefs” of your company, please take a few minutes to read and categorize my opinion and remember it in a database or spreadsheet.

                Who am I?  I am a drop in the bucket, just one of many that you need to fill your bucket.  When part of or all of I evaporates, I know that alone I will not be noticed.  But when enough of us evaporate, you will notice us. 

                It upsets me when I see where some of your money is spent, specifically with regards to charity. Customers, employees and suppliers should all be a company’s first consideration.  The best value should be given to a customer; value being the best quality for an asking price.  Also employees who feel treated well by their employer treat the customer better.  I also am aware that suppliers, stock holders and government all want a cut as well.  Investing in maintenance and expansion competes for share of the bottom line as well

                I am generally grateful that your company still is able to wedge charity in the budget, but some of the charities that your company funds tend to make the bucket warmer, causing more and faster evaporation. 

                I ask that your company seek out neutral organizations, ones that contribute to communities while avoiding “hot button” issues.  Charities that employ lobbyists at any level of government should, in my opinion, be avoided.  Anything that involves a personal or a political issue should be supported by people who share that opinion or belief.

                Schools, public and private are in constant need of supplies ranging from paper to computers. School faculty in poorer districts could directly address many personal student needs given such supplies as coats and clothing to distribute at their discretion.  Yes, there will always be some abuse.

                The Boy Scouts, while they have had some legal conflict, Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, Shriners Hospitals, MDA,  CARE  Toys for Tots, Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Salvation Army,  Red Cross, etc  are a few examples of which few people will voice any objections. 

                I also ask that your company’s advertising receives the same scrutiny and consideration.  Please take the time to review both the methods used to promote your company and who or what is sponsored to promote your company as well.  Once again, not everyone will be pleased, but doing so will create the best return for your advertising investment.

                While I cannot tell you what to do with your money, I can make an effort to reduce the amount of my money which may become yours.  While I have enjoyed doing business with your company, I will make an effort to reduce and possibly eliminate my business with your company, by seeking your competition, seeking substitutes for your products or services or just learning to go without. 

                If you’re reading this line, thank you for your time.