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Stay in THIS School

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A successful school does not make successful students

Successful students make a successful school

  • Reduce / eliminate the number of times a child switches schools during a school year
  • Start of Year District - Students must live in district at the start of the school year to attend a particular school
  • Stay in District - Larger district where the student could move about and still attend the same school.  Bus routes will have to be altered through out the year
  • Consistency
    • Teacher has same class
      • Knows strengths and weaknesses
      • Reduce the need to bring new students up to speed
      • Knows student as a person, has a better chance at noticing personality changes
    • Student has same class
      • Has a consistent set of authority figures, people that the student may trust
      • One stable aspect of a changing life
      • Less chance to fall behind or be bored because the new class is behind
Arrest a Teacher
  • Learn about criminal justice system
  • Involves parents
  • Can be done in school or integrate with a field trip