Book of Contemporary Relative American Philosophy

The Attitudes of HThe Ope and Happiness

Happy are they who get a doctor to certify they are disabled, for there is plenty of aid available.
Happy are they with psychological issues - free medications are available
Happy are they who are cooperative, agencies will resolve issues in fewer visits.
Happy are  they who hunger and thirst - for they shall receive  EBT cards.
Happy are they who use protection - they shall not be required to take STD meds.
Happy are they who do not get involved - for they will not have to share others' burdens
Happy are they who are tolerant - for they shall be liked by all
Happy are they who can not repay debts - for the debts shall be forgiven
Happy are they who pay their taxes for they have contributed their fair share.-
Happy are they who speak Politically Correct - for they shall be liked by the educated

Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12)  based on