Gas Rationing Plans 1974

1974 Gas Ration Coupon

Some 4-1/2 billion of these coupons were printed but never issued in preparation for a major gas crisis which never materialized - and despite the $12.5 Million cost to the US Government, they were ultimately ordered to be destroyed. Stored at the Pueblo Army Depot in Colorado until 1984, their destruction was ordered because of the portrait of George Washington on the front of each coupon, which was thought to be able to trigger dollar change machines. Supposedly, all were destroyed - but about 300 of these coupons were known to have survived.

What really irks me

1 Unit

What is a Unit?

Unit Puropse Unit Measure / Rationing Factor< Example of a "Unit"
Volume Gallon 10 Gallons of Gas
Distance MPG 100 Miles of Gas
Trip Distance & MPG 10 Trips to work & back

Yes I actually bought and own the above coupon.