The Black Appendix

What YOU can do

Boycott Letter
  • Report criminal activity to the proper authorities
  • Leave enforcement to the proper authorities
  • Cooperate with authorities - present evidence, testimony
  • Make sure that the politicians carry out the sentence
  • Cancel subscriptions to fan clubs, web sites, etc... and let them know why
  • Boycott concerts & appearances as much as you can until they apologize.  In the case of a DVD or CD:
    1. Borrow the material from a friend or a relative if they already have it, do not encourage a purchase
    2. Borrow the material from a library
    3. Buy the material from a pawn shop or second hand store.  These places do not purchase items for restocking.
    4. Rent it.  Unfortunately such places may buy additional copies as to keep the shelves full, so wait  a while before doing so.
    5. Buy it if you must - NEVER make illegal copies.  Do not reduce yourself to their level.
  • Track what causes they support and how they support such
    • Many will do benefits - read as use someone else's money
    • When doing a benefit - do they pick up their own expenses or does the group pick up the expenses?
    • Are they getting paid for performing benefits?
  • Send regular correspondence
  • If possible VOTE (If they are in your district).  It's where you live, it's your district, not theirs!
  • Send correspondence
  • Support WORTHY opponents
  • Boycott & encourage others to do so
  • Send correspondence
Individuals /
  • Write letters to local newspapers
  • Protest
  • Support worthy opposition groups